First RADAC Master’s Prize

RADAC is launching its first Master’s Prize to which are invited to apply all Master 2 students who wrote an MA thesis on contemporary English-language theatre who have defended their thesis between August 31, 2017 and September 1, 2019, whether or not they are members of RADAC at the time of application.

The winner will be exempt from RADAC membership fees for 2020 and will receive a copy of Coup de Théâtre n°34 in which a 3000-word summary of his or her thesis (preferably in English) will appear (the article must be handed in by April for publication in autumn 2020). The award will be announced on the RADAC and SAES mailing list, on the RADAC website and Facebook page.

Application procedures:

– November 1, 2019: deadline for sending a declaration of application to Claire Hélie ( The declaration will contain: Last name, First name, University affiliation, Research Centre, Research Director, E-mail address, grade obtained, title and 300-word abstract of the Master’s thesis (in English)

– November 8, 2019: deadline for sending the anonymized Master’s thesis in .pdf format if the application is validated

– January 2020: announcement of the award winner

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Call for Papers

International Conference: ‘Crossing Borders’ Contemporary Anglophone Theatre in Europe

The Call for Papers for RADAC’s 40th birthday conference is now  available here.

Coup de Théâtre n°31 – 2017

A vos écrans ! La scène anglophone en 2D

edited by  Sandrine Siméon et Agathe Torti Alcayaga

This bilingual volume, a first of its kind for the journal Coup de théâtre, addresses the innovative subject of the filming of Anglophone theater. Via case studies and the analyses of major institutions’ policies (the Metropolitan Opera in New York, Globe on Screen and NT Live in London, among others), it helps define this up-and-coming art form. It particularly examines how the audiovisual recordings and broadcastings of live performances influence, or even redefine, audiences – the general public, but also “micro-audiences” such as spectators with behavioral disorders or non-English speaking Shakespearean scholars. It also highlights the manifest evolution of the work of artists who must now deal with the new dimension that this technology brings about. The academic contributions presented here are illustrated and complemented by testimonies from practicing professionals, such as the script that director Dominique Thiel used for his filming of Reginald Rose’s play Twelve Angry Men for French television in 2010.

Coup de Théâtre online


The archives from Coup de Théâtre, Radac’s annual journal, are available online and can be accessed for free.

Almost 40 years of RADAC’s work is accessible to scholars, students, professionals and all the lovers of anglophone contemporary theatre!